Many  products are embellished with strands of cotton, wool, nylon, rayon, linen...some simple, some elaborate. Others are painted, stamped, stenciled or screen printed. Some have more than one technique applied to it! Each is created to inspire a mood, to uplift the spirit, and create a sense of self. Let the beauty of soaring horses, simple horses, flowers, vines, leaves, and geometrics indulge your imagination, and inspire your own creativity.

Each design is named to aid you in selection of a custom jacket, as described on the ordering page.


bluefront_emb_250.jpg Blue Back Emb 250 2_1.jpg
Row of Horses Asymmetrical Horse and Vines Horse & Vines, Back
chin_flo_detail_250.jpg Black_Horse_Detail_250.jpg Cranberry_Emb_Detail_250.jpg
Oriental Flowers with Horses Running Horses Horse and Vine Wrap
Horse_shoe_250.jpg Hoof_Detail_250.jpg Horse_detail_250.jpg
Prancing Horse, with or without shoe Horse Hoof


Geometrics_250.jpg  Front Detail 250_1.jpg  
Painted Geometrics Sashiko  
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