about kdDid

bluefront_emb_250.jpg Handmade. The word itself evokes the time honored tradition of thought-full-ness from conception to completion, attention to detail, creating from the soul.  From the craftsmanship of her great grandfather down through the generations, Kathy has experienced the wonder and connection of creating, sometimes a piece unique unto itself,  sometimes a custom modification.

...kathy dawn Did whatever she wanted. Not mass produced items, but each one a creation from the finest materials, skill, whimsy and passion.

Fully acknowledging how blessed she is, Kathy cannot do other than to give back, specifically a portion of the price of each garment to nonprofits, particularly those that benefit horses and/or riders. Among those, therapeutic riding facilities, medical research and rescue. New owners of kdDid14.gifgarments are welcome to specify where they would like the contribution to go, and non-profits are welcome to contact Kathy for discount information for their fund raising activities.

Special mention goes to Jan Nunn and Marsha McClintock of Saf-T Pockets ™ Patterns for allowing  the use of their Journey Jacket patterns, as well as Mary Lou Rankin of the Park Bench Pattern Company for her Woodstock vest pattern, and the encouragement to follow one's own path. Humble gratitude also goes to Judy Wood of Glasswood Studios, and Juliet Harrison of LeChevalTheHorse.com, for their generous permission to use their equine images.


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