'Oddities' are those things fun to make, with a touch of practicality, that don't really fit into any other category.

Special occasion burp cloths were inspired at the christening of a baby at Trinity Church in Boston; all that finery on the altar, and plain, messy cloth diapers used by every one of the 10 couples! When you want to complete a style, and be practical with a bundle of joy in your lap, use a kdDid embroidered burp cloth.

And twittens........a mitten for two!! When my niece was small we would go for walks in the winter; I thought I had her hand, but would look down, find I had her mitten, and she was 20 feet away chasing a squirrel! Voila! The need to hold that little hand in my hand, not glove to glove. And how much more romantic is a winter walk when you can hold hands directly, skin to skin? Or comforting to add an extra layer while watching your favorite football team win?

Watch for more oddities; I never know when the need for something strange will appear!

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